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Parklife Melbourne 2011

Parklife. What can I say?
Seeing Death From Above 1979 would have been enough. When I first got into them back in 2008, subsequently finding out that bass and drum duo had split a couple of years before, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to see them live. Being in the photo pit before them was something quite surreal.

This was to be my fifth event I would cover for Liveguide and my first festival. To be honest I came into it feeling totally unprepared.
I hadn’t found the time to research those performing properly (although I did know I had to be there for DFA and The Streets last performance in Melbourne), and ended up scribbling a timetable for myself on the train to the city. I’d also borrowed an external flash for crowd shots, but that too was something I hadn’t particularly had much experience with.

All in all, it was an incredible day, filled with interesting music, great crowds, and working alongside a bunch of fantastic photographers. The only thing I was left hoping for was that I had come away with a decent collection of shots.

Albert Salt


Anna Lunoe

The Naked & Famous


Death From Above 1979

Crystal Fighters


Sebastien Tellier


The Streets


Lykke Li

Magnetic Man

The Crowd

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