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Anberlin with Tonight Alive – Palace Theatre

While I can’t proclaim to be a die-hard Anberlin fan, I can definitely say that I enjoy their music. On Monday night I had the opportunity to spend ‘An Evening with Anberlin’ at the Palace Theatre.

After the claustrophobic experience of shooting Dead Letter Circus last week, I was quite happy to find a nice wide-open and uncongested photo pit at the Palace Theatre. While I have enjoyed coming to the Palace to watch gigs in the past, coming there as a photographer did put things in a different light. Also a warm shout out to the friendly Palace crew!

Tonight Alive opened with an impressive, energetic set, followed by a massive 26-song set by Anberlin.

This is how Stephen Christian, Anberlin’s vocalist, described the approach to the ‘An Evening with Anberlin’ shows:

“We love touring Australia and can’t wait to get back- it’s always too long between drinks. This time, we’re stoked to be able to offer our fans who’ve stuck with us over the years something that’s just as new and special to us as it is for them. ‘An Evening With Anberlin’ will be just that. Each of the shows we will be doing different things, different feels than we have ever done in any one show. We might be doing some special covers, different variations on our own songs, telling stories behind the recordings and writing, maybe a Q&A with the audience, never before played b-sides, an intimate acoustic portion, and perhaps some special guest vocalists on stage, as well as all the passion and energy that we try and give Australia each time we come back. Rest assured, we will leave it all on stage for these shows like never before.”

Indeed, there were guest vocalists including Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall and We are King’s Travis Clark joining Anberlin for an intimate cover of Crowded House’s ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’. Although I am always going to have to compare that one to Faith No More’s brilliant cover of it at Soundwave last year, it was a great cover of a band formed in Melbourne. Breaking up the mammoth set was an entertaining Q&A session, using questions earlier solicited through social networks. They also took the time after the show to hang out and sign merchandise for the fans.

It was quite an impressive gig, and I look forward seeing both Anberlin and Tonight Alive again. This gig was also shot for a DVD, and I will definitely be on the lookout for a copy.


Check out their latest music video, ‘Impossible’ from their album Dark is the Way, Night is the Place.


Support Act: Tonight Alive

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Tonight Alive – Palace Theatre