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Dead Letter Circus with Closure in Moscow, Wolves – The Hi-Fi

On Wednesday I got the opportunity to shoot one of my favourite bands, Dead Letter Circus.
It was a fantastic gig at The Hi-Fi Melbourne – including drum solo!, as part of their ‘No Fracking Way’ tour. Supporting acts were Closure in Moscow, and Wolves. Both also putting on good performances.

It was a pretty hectic photo pit, with at least 10 photographers trying to get their shots, but I think I managed to navigate myself successfully in it and come away with some good shots. I did feel a bit clumsy in there though so apologies to any fellow photographers that I may have bumped into or got in the way of!

Dead Letter Circus

Check out their latest single, ‘Reaction’ from their album This Is The Warning.

Support Act: Closure in Moscow

Support Act: Wolves

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Gig covered for liveguide.com.au.

Khancoban with The Orbweavers, Ildiko – The Toff In Town

This was the Melbourne launch for Khancoban’s new album arches over the sun.


 Here is their latest single, ‘Cause and Chaos’:

Support Act: The Orbweavers

Support Act: Ildiko

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Gig covered for liveguide.com.au.

Kitchen Knife Wife with Immigrant Union – The Toff In Town

Last Thursday (11th August) I got the chance to cover my first gig for Liveguide, Kitchen Knife Wife’s single launch for ‘Happy’ at The Toff In Town.

Kitchen Knife Wife

Check out their new single ‘Happy’ here:

Support Act: Immigrant Union

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Gig covered for liveguide.com.au.